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FYIAR- For Your Information Augmented Reality, is the worlds first Cloud SaaS-CMS based AR Commerce App for Augmenting Image markers such as Logo or any trackable printed material. FYIAR Augments various multimedia content that are uploaded on our dashboard for customers to perceive via FYIAR App scan. We empower brands to use our platform for managing their AR Listings. Read More


Enrich your marketing activities by adding virtual elements that are real life and make your campaigns 61% more effective by Personalized and interactive visuals on FYIAR App.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it useful?

Useful term is very subject, it’s about creating value to customers. In a world where a user is bombarded with more than 200 brands daily, how are you standing out? How are you changing lives?
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How will FYIAR create value for my company?

    Through a number of identified features that add more depth to your branding. Simply ask customers to scan your markers & display the following features:
  • -Virtual holograms
  • -Motion graphics
  • -General video information
  • -Art displays
  • -Augmented Business card
  • -Photo albums enabled as video or live-photo, gif and etc.
  • -3D Models
  • -Informative and interactive Models
  • -Animations
  • -Weblinks
  • -Video
  • -Audio
  • -Gameplay
  • -Try on Feature
  • -Personalisation- different product colours and offers
  • -Extra Description about the product/service
  • -Interactive Links

How will my user benefit?

    Through FYIAR App features, you can help customers via the followings:
  • -Help decision making
  • -Boost confidence
  • -Influence better
  • -Immersive user experience (mystery experiences)
  • -More valuable information- cosnsultancy, breakdown of ingredients
  • -Emotional connection
  • -Discounts coupons
  • -Game play engagement
  • -Try on experience
  • -Higher recall memory
  • -Loyalty
  • -Instant access to information through visuals
  • -Fun
  • -Interactive & engaging
  • -Longer dwell time with product and services

Where can I integrate FYIAR App features (Marker scanning)?

    As we are empowering your branding activities, you can augment your image markers on the followings:
  • -Product packaging
  • -Menu
  • -Posters
  • -Billboards
  • -Newspaper
  • -Standees
  • -All branding activities
  • -Floor branding (airport, streets)
  • -In-built newsfeed

How will I benefit by using these services?

    We value our clients and their customers even more so, creating a marketplace like FYIAR App will help you in a vast number of ways that are:
  • -Automated sales force tool
  • -Decrease customer acquisition cost
  • -Leads generator
  • -Better presentation- enhance communication and sales pitch
  • -More depth in your branding
  • -Increased customer Loyalty
  • -Strong narratives and experiencess
  • -Fresh Content delivery
  • -Present your digital catalogue better
  • -Trend setting
  • -New marketing tool to enhance old marketing mediums (Augment Newspaper Ads)
  • -Reduce return rates
  • -Talk of the town
  • -Increased sales and higher ROI
  • -Increase Online Sharing
  • -Viral Campaigns
  • -High PR Coverage
  • -Longer dwell time with product and services
  • -Higher click rates
  • -Unique users
  • -Increase reach
  • -Analytics
    • -Times Scanned
    • -Leads Generated
    • -Dwell Time Per Scan

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