Advantages of marketplace AR app for Business Growth

There was a time when creatures coming out of the screen were limited to fictional stories and

games. The fast-developing technology has transformed this fantasy into a reality. This feat has been achieved by combining the real world with digital tools to give the users the feel of a fantasy world in real time experience. The name of the technology that makes all this possible is Augmented Reality or AR. Augmented Reality is similar to but not the same as Virtual Reality or VR. While both of these technologies ensure an enhanced user experience through 3D elements, a big difference lies in combining the real world with the technology. While VR is completely immersive and isolates the user to give him/her an enhanced 3D experience, AR provides a combination of reality and the immersive world through digital tools.

The ability of AR to combine artificial and real elements enables the users to try out clothes and accessories from the comfort of their homes, take a virtual tour of a building while exploring each and every room of the property, display information about themselves and their business through a virtual 3D business card, and even invite people for events with a 3D invitation card. And that’s only the beginning.

With the increased relevance of AR, every business is trying to use its application in their business to take their brand a notch higher. The best way for any business to use this technology for their brand enhancement is through an AR app. Several industries can take advantage of AR to connect to their potential and existing customers in a better way. The major industries that can benefit from this technology are real estate, print media, education, fashion, food, healthcare, and many more.  Futurern designs and creates customized AR for the customers to lend more virality to their brand. The highly interactive and improved content of these apps helps the customers to enhance their sales and revenues. Futurern itself has developed an effective marketplace AR app  in the form of FYIAR. It is an immersive experience AR app that provides an efficient platform for brands to engage their customers and generate effective B2C leads. Futurern allows brands to showcase 3d models on FYIAR app for AR experience to ensure low costs, experiential tryouts and better visualization of their products and services by the users. Brands should associate themselves with FYIAR to get access to their online dashboard and create better relationships with their customers.

Advantages of marketplace AR app for Business Growth

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