Augmented Reality – the ultimate Digital Marketing tool!

Augmented Reality (AR), with its many advantages and benefits, is fast becoming an interface between human beings and computers. Its increasing application in the various aspects of our lives is boosting its relevance in the marketing world as well. Businesses have understood the importance of this technology and are using it to present their products and services in a better way.

Augmented Reality (AR) ensures an extensive and highly immersive user experience by blending real-life with digital images and text. Owing to the rising relevance of this exciting marketing tool, several companies have started to develop apps and marketplaces that help to enhance the brands and businesses of their clients. An extraordinary augmented reality marketplace AR app for information and advertising has been developed by Futurern in the form of FYIAR- For Your Information Augmented Reality. 

Benefits of Fyiar APP

FYIAR helps businesses to boost their brands by allowing the users to get detailed information about a brand in an interesting and simplified manner through a single scan. By scanning an image or an icon through the cell phone, the users can enjoy a dynamic marker-based augmented reality experience. These images or icons are commonly known as scan markersThe markers allow the users access to videos, animated and 3D content already prepared and connected to the marker to be displayed on the top of the image through a SaaS built system for listing and managing content. This stored information is triggered by the scan with the assistance of the technology of Augmented Reality. Besides providing easy access to digital links, images, videos, and audio, the FYIAR app also enables brands and businesses to showcase the 3D models of their products. The brands can take the maximum advantage of this app by registering or subscribing themselves on and getting access to Futurern’s online digital dashboard that allows them to upload content, and update it as per their convenience.

So, FYIAR is the perfect augmented reality app for an immersive experience that presents a win-win situation for both businesses and customers.

Augmented Reality – the ultimate Digital Marketing tool!

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