Engage Customers for Your Brand with Augmented Reality

Technology elevates the standard of our living and has become a crucial part of our daily lives. It keeps on evolving- where playing snakes on our classic handset was once a wonder to us, now battling mystic creatures and fighting virtual wars has become a common practice to us; our collaboration with technology has definitely come a long way. The application of advanced technology is not just limited to games; technology like augmented reality is making us explore new horizons that were unthinkable to attain a few decades back- reading a menu without opening it and even trying out clothes in the comfort of our homes.

Augmented reality enables the users to superimpose digital elements like images and text over a real-life environment. Augmented reality is making its presence felt in a number of domains including marketing. An effective augmented reality marketplace for information and advertising is FYIAR- an immersive experience AR app created by Futurern. FYIAR helps the users to access information about a brand through a simple scan and ensures an immersive and engaging user experience. So, FYIAR is the perfect solution if you are looking for an augmented reality app for immersive experience. Besides accessing digital links, images, videos, and audio, the brands and businesses can showcase 3D models on FYIAR app for AR experience. The FYIAR app also allows the users access to our online digital dashboard for uploading content, and updating and changing it as per their comfort and usage.

Besides marketing, FYIAR has an extensive utility in a number of other sectors including food, fashion, real estate, print media, and education among others. So, if a brand or a business is willing to explore the digital space to get the maximum output in terms of sales and revenues, the FYIAR app is the perfect solution.

Engage Customers for Your Brand with Augmented Reality

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