The Advanced Way of Showcasing Products and services

Captivating 3D models allow brands to present their products in a fascinating way. They help the users view products in their space through 360-degree rotations and movements through Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). 3D models help the customers to get an accurate idea of the look and feel of the product without visiting a store. Futurern has developed an advanced AR-based app, FYIAR that enables brands to present their products in great detail. Brands can showcase 3D models on FYIAR app for AR experience where a printed 2D content can be brought to life through a 3D model over the printed material. This allows customers to explore and interact with products effectively. The engagement rate of 3D models is significantly higher.

Illustration of 3D use case.

showcase 3D models

Today‚Äôs tech-savvy market is demanding more and more app developers and marketers to provide immersive experiences to their users through advanced technologies using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). The purpose behind creating an immersive experience AR app is to engage the users by incorporating virtual elements into their real life. Through an immersive experience, users can cross the threshold of reality and enter into a mixed world created out of real and digital components. The technology of Augmented Reality that makes it all possible uses the camera and the screen of mobile phones to add additional digital elements on top of the real-life environment. Its aim is to add interaction and engagement to every touchpoint of consumer purchase and user journey. The digital elements are added with the help of a layer of information simulated and developed on software that binds visuals on coded scripts. As its name suggests, Augmented Reality enhances or augments the world around the users. Due to its various advantages, AR has become one of the most favourite tools for Brands and Marketers to ensure an engaging user experience and sales conversions.

Augmented Reality features can be used in use cases such as Instagram and Snapchat filters, Personalized apps, FYIAR app (Marketplace), WebAR (integrated on e-commerce websites where products are listed; an example image has been provided below):

Immersive experience AR app

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QR Codes are the initial signs of Augmented Reality technology where proprietary marker scanning allows a web link to pop up on the screen. With innovation and technology and the enhancements taking place in the AR industry, QR codes are all set to be replaced with direct branding creatives that are feasible for scanning. It will help to keep the packing/print the designs the same without any need of printing the QR code that spoils the packaging design.

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The Advanced Way of Showcasing Products and services

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