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Leverage marketing through Augmented Reality on your Company Logo, Images or Business Cards prints, enable them as marker on FYIAR App for marker tracking scan to showcase your virtual content on FYIAR App.

Enhance the customer experience with a Virtual 3D Model on your printed label, customisable for viewing different colours, layers and integral details of products.

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Subscribe to FYIAR and build immersive content for your customers! Showcase 3D models on your packaging, video on a photo album, industrial process, 3D products, etc. Revolutionise engagement on printed material and bring the printed content to life. Let customers interact with your products.

For more examples and references, visit and learn how your brand can gain a competitive edge for faster sales conversion and more customer engagement. Build for the future.



A complete CMS made for FYIAR subscribers that ensures a customized dashboard that enables brands & marketers to manage their products for viewing on FYIAR app. It allows brands to upload their product catalogue on the app either through manual entries or in bulk. Update content anytime to give your customers up to date information about your products.

Boost Sales

FYIAR boosts sales for products through the cutting-edge technology of Augmented Reality. It presents your products virtually through 3D models leading to higher customer engagement for higher sale conversions. FYIAR features bring products to life which makes the content immersive to promote higher sales.

Enhance User Experience

FYIAR provides an innovative presentation platform to your products for higher customer engagement and faster decision-making. It provides in-store shopping experience at home by bringing 2D prints to life. It also enables sharing of designs, facilitating trial of product at sights, customized options, and model comparison for optimum customer satisfaction.

Reduce Returns

FYIAR helps e-commerce retailers reduce the return of products substantially by allowing the end-users to try on the products virtually before they buy them. FYIAR’s engaging digital shopping experience enables the customers to visualize the appearance of the products and how it will look on them in real-time without having to step out of their homes.

Lead Generation

In order for any brand to perform well in terms of sales, it's imperative to identify the potential customers and reach out to them. For any product, there are a number of choices available in the market. So, it's necessary for a company to introduce its target customers to its brand and products in order to transform them from being 'potential' to 'permanent'. FYIAR helps you with the process of lead generation by tracking the activities of the users on your page at FYIAR app or website, and helps you in determining the number of people exploring your brand, along with their details. A lead capture button can be placed by the brands to access information about the viewers and to accept a sales request. FYIAR tracks and automatically collects the data about the people interested in your brand and helps you widen your reach and increase the levels of strong leads that might help you raise your sales revenue.

Campaign Analytics

To get a deeper understanding of your customers, FYIAR helps you to better process the data for your business. With it you get to know what's working for you and what's not; you can find out whether people are engaging with your products. You can also view the reports and dashboards. This feature helps you to analyse and process the report and share it too. We provide analytics about dwell time on products/scans, reach, demographics, and scan of the day.

How do you analyse how your brand is doing? What are your parameters to determine the increase or decrease in your brand’s popularity? FYIAR provides a number of provisions that can help you determine and evaluate the value of your brand.

  • To make the entire process of the performance analysis of your brand easy for you, FYIAR provides complete and detailed information about the visitors exploring your brand at any specific time - like the number of views your brand is getting, the number of people visiting your brand pages on FYIAR app, etc.
  • We help you solve the queries of your potential and existing customers by tracking, compiling, and providing you details about the inquiries made by users with regard to your products.
  • The like button provided for your brand page will help you to determine the most favoured product. You can use this information to understand the market trends and facilitate a better supply of the products as per their demands. This feature will also help lower your cost as you will not be wasting any resources in the promotion of the products that are not in demand among the customers.
  • FYIAR helps you to know the dwelled time i.e., the amount of time spent by visitors scanning a specific product or page. You would get an in-depth analysis of how many users scanned a particular product and how many times. It also helps you to calculate the dwell time on 3D models, deeplinks click rates and directions, impression on page, click-through rates on news feed and templates (CTR), locations from where the links are clicked, and lead generated offers. It also helps to identify trends in user behaviour and tracking campaign analytics.
  • We facilitate constant email promotions about brands and products, lead generation tool for your brand to get more customer queries and faster sales conversions.
  • FYIAR's cutting-edge technology has the potential to exceed your click-through rates (CTR). We bring the in-store shopping experience to the homes of your customers by allowing them to try out your products virtually on FYIAR app. This feature will help your customers to vividly visualise your product, e.g., by virtually placing a piece of furniture in their homes to understand the suitability of your product. It will help you to increase customer engagement, which in turn will result in high CTR for your brand.

Innovative Technology

Technology that creates magic in the real world! FYIAR helps the users to see, imagine, and learn with virtual life. It stimulates point-of-sale material through interactive methods. It also shows packaging designs and shares photorealistic simulations of products being unpacked.

Low Cost

FYIAR helps you in marketing at lower costs by providing instant access to product details. It helps to customise your products as per the demand, and helps in the survey of customers' likes and dislikes. FYIAR cuts down depreciating costs like:

  • assembling heavy 3D models of products (particularly- real estate projects)
  • printing cost of manuals that come with purchased products
  • cost of advertisement prints for explaining one or few features of your brand

Through FYIAR, you can also link a single product artwork to multiple selections and information.

Sales Marketing

Through FYIAR, brands can build engaging marketing content to be presentable anywhere. Showcase product development, company numbers, 3d models of the products, or even the manufacturing process for the conversion of sales.

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Login to the personalised dashboard of your subscribed industry where you can add the details about your products.

Download and install application

The FYIAR app can be easily downloaded and installed by the users from Google Playstore or the App Store.

Analytics and visualizations

Get easy access to users activities and handling of leads captured for sales conversations.
Soon your dashboard will update to getting dwell time of users on products and analytics of marketing campaigns.

Enhance Your Business Card Profile with Augmented Reality

FYIAR has revolutionized the way you present yourself in front of the world. It provides an innovative and engaging way of designing and creating business cards that include not just information about you but also your media links & videos of your work.

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Introduce yourself to the world with pictures of your headshot and your work.

Contact Information

Allow the users to get in touch with you by simply clicking on your contact information.

Digital Handles

Let the users know you better by tapping on your digital handle links.


Display any video describing your work for a better connection with you.

How It Works

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    Your personalised dashboard has options to feed data that you want to Augment on your business card scan.

  2. Feed Information & Upload Marker

    Enter your Information, videos, Digital Handles and etc, to enhance your 2D Business card to an immersive FYIAR enabled Business Card. Upload marker image to show augmented content when scanned.

  3. FYIAR App

    Hand out your business cards and tell your network to scan the business card exclusively on FYIAR app for more information, anytime & anywhere. Hassle free, No QR Code needed, keep your business card professional.